Monday, February 06, 2006

I've been adding important features to the editor, in the form of Quick Edit modes for clubs and people.

The game can provide for 12,500 clubs. Now, I'll be damned if I'll get accurate research on all of those but I'll get what I can. The Quick Club editing mode allows me to simply input the basic information and it extrapolates the rest. So saying a club with a World Class reputation is rich ought to give them about £100m to play with, while a rich Conference level club might have £10m, maybe less. Entering the Short Name of the club as Man Utd will then go and make the B team "Man Utd Reserves" and the C team "Man Utd Youth". The "Reserve" and "Youth" suffixes are nation-dependent, so Russian sides get the suffix "-2", as in "Spartak-2 Moscow".
Well, more of a middix, if such a word exists.

It's all designed to make inputting the basic data as painless as possible. I'm halfway through the same process for people, which is just perfect if you know the name and age of some obscure team's goalkeeper but nothing more than that.

It works quite well and the results are just standard records that can be edited in the normal way, for fine tuning things.

To be honest though, I can't wait til I've got these bits done and can crack on with competitions themselves. Competitions are entirely data driven which is both brilliant and terrible. It's brilliant because adding a competition is easy. It's terrible because it's an awful lot of work to get the data driven nature working properly and accomodating all the crazy styles. I may have gone over this before, though.

Still, it'll be fun to work with and when it's done, the editor is practically finished. Which means I can move on to the game interface, whilst adding in data as I go along.

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