Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A time saver. Huzzaj!

Yes, Huzzaj. I spell it how I want!

After undertaking a little research, I took the plunge with a pre-built GUI engine in the shape of IGlass.
It's largely excellent, very customisable. I did have to make a few tweaks to add features that I'd prefer in my game, but none of this was a problem. Huge thumbs up and thanks to Mr Agnisola for this.

As a result, progress has been swifter and there are far less headaches. Had I not purchased it (just last Friday) I'd no doubt still be working on silly stuff. The reason I've chosen to code in BlitzMax over something like C++ is because it gives you a hefty library of code to do routine things - drawing images, memory management etc. It therefore makes a lot of sense to carry the same reasoning over to other aspects.

So as a result, TCFG should have a nice snazzy front end. Now I've got to create that GUI management system I once mentioned, thus making it far easier to create new screens and thus be able to throw a game together a heck of a lot quicker. Seeing tangible results will make it all worthwhile.

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