Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Overheating Fun

Being a geek, I have two computers at home, a laptop and a desktop. This gives me the ability to work regardless of what my girlfriend wants to do - and as she quite likes Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 at the moment (which she's happily modding and displaying a much greater understanding of 3D modelling than I ever have, though she still refuses to accept a geek label), I'm stuck with the laptop.

Pesky integrated graphics.

The laptop is four years old. It's still quite powerful as far as laptops go, although the memory is a bit of a bottleneck, and as such I can happily make my game on it. Or at least, I used to. For now, my damn laptop overheats far too much and shuts off. A laptop cooler is sitting in the local post office. I have to go out of my way at lunch tomorrow to pick it up. It had better bloody work.

It's irritating because it means I can't work using the laptop without fear of either breaking it or losing my work. And the fecking thing proved far too difficult to open for my puny little hands. That'll have to be fixed.

Still, in other news the editor is mostly working now, and I'm going to spend plenty of time over the next month getting competitions in order. Quite looking forward to that, as it's becoming very boring stuff recently which has led to posts telling you to all bugger off, and overheating laptops.

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