Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leagues forever

Leagues have taken up a fair bit of my time recently. More specifically, promotions and relegations.

I didn't want to have a simple system where teams go up and down willy nilly, I wanted to match some of the complexity of the various leagues from around the world. There should be restrictions on teams climbing the leagues, ground requirements to be met and limits on the progress of B teams, blocking promotions or even forcibly relegating them to accomodate relegated first squads. It was tough, but I've a working system.

I've had one of my frequent worries recently about whether or not things would hold together. Individual competitions and leagues are working, as are the connections between them, but I've never been able to test it properly over a long period of time, to see how the game copes with the data being thrown around, to make sure little oversights here or there don't conspire to bring things crumbling down ten or twenty seasons later.

That's what I've just been doing today. There's only a small selection of competitions forming a league system and a cup, but it's a good test for now.

Happily, 32 seasons later the game's still blasting away. That's about half of what I really need, as careers can start with the player as young as 14, so we really need to keep him going until he's about 70. 55 seasons at the very least. Looking at the test competitions I've been using, they've been working every season, no crashes, and the league is still structured as expected.

And happily, something that's difficult to fully test for but brilliantly came out anyhow - a team won the second division of the league in 2036, and their B team won the same division in 2037, showing that B teams will still be promoted if their A team is promoted ahead of them. Sweet!

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