Thursday, June 22, 2006

I haven't done any work since I've come home. Whilst reading Masters of Doom I decided I really needed to create some sort of work area for myself - for the most part the game coding has been done in the living room. This isn't too bad and has yielded plenty of progress, but it's all to easy to get interrupted by marauding girlfriends and televisions.

So I've to clean up the spare room a bit better. Pity it's tiny and has little room for a desk, but I've got some rather sturdy shelving which will probably be fine to sit the laptop on. It's peaceful, that's a good thing. And I might want to move that laundry basket, but then I luckily can't smell.

Elsewhere, I've got to tidy things up a bit. The living room is a bit shambolic anyway because I bought a 14" telly to sit beside the computer whilst the World Cup is on, so right across from me there's a row of crazy electronic shit of varying ages. I can't work in mess very well, so that has to be sorted.

Speaking of mess, my code is a mess. It's not terribly structured (in my opinion) but it's nowhere near perfect. The problem is many of the files are getting rather large and need splitting up into more manageable chunks, so that's my target for the meantime. That, and see what I can do to sort out the rather jarring problem with the laptop (a 2.2GHz machine that's well above the target spec) running the existing code about 20% of the speed of the PC (an Athlon 3500). That can't be good. Not when it ends up rendering the screen at 60fps before I have it do anything complex. Considering my target spec is probably around the 1GHz range, I have to let out the occasional primal yell.

Hence the need for sanctuary.

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