Sunday, June 04, 2006


So, we all have a new nation. Now, I'm sure that's wonderful for 55% of the Montengrins, but I'm not here to discuss politics and stuff. Football is at hand! With a new nation invariably comes a new national side, a new FA and new widdly things to worry about. I've structured the game so all that's fairly easy to enter, but when will it all occur?

We'll no doubt see Serbia & Montenegro at the World Cup as a unified team, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the two nations compete as one in the European Championship qualifiers, for which the fixtures have all been decided amongst the usual quarrelling. Assuming the game is actually finally released by that point then there might just be a problem. We'd see Serbia and Montenegro compete as separate nations at a future date.

That's not easy. I could hard code it but I'm loathe to do that, it's ugly and doesn't help for any future developments. So I'd like to do it in the editor. Some way of unifying two nations as one team for a period of time seems to be the answer, and also seems to be a lot of work.

Pesky politics. Think of the hardworking game developers!

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