Sunday, September 10, 2006

It nearly happened again

Damn right it nearly did. I had just sat down to work on how seeding systems are set up in the database, when I started to lose confidence in how I had previously done it and was all set to rework that.

Fuck it. Rework it? Nah. I took an hour or two out and came to the conclusion that it does the job and is very simple, so I'll keep it like that. If I want to rework it at any point, I'll wait until I actually have a game and can then fritter away time on such unproductive tasks.

Elsewhere, with the spare room in the flat having been tidied up in the last week, I've decided to get myself a desk and stop working in the living room so much, distracted by the internet, the telly, the fridge full of food and so on. I'll try to instill a proper work ethic rather than the current slapdash approach. Anything to make progress.

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