Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ok, it's been two weeks. What's happened?

Well, the laptop's breathing again but it's not too reliable for doing any work on, so I've gone ahead and got that Mac. And now that's where my current focus lies. See, the system I'm using to create the game, BlitzMax, allows you to compile the same code on a Mac, a PC and on Linux with minimal changes.

In theory.

Unfortunately, things haven't gone smoothly. For a start, my editor won't work at all on the Mac thanks to a painfully slow implementation of listboxes, so any further work on that will have to stick to the PC for the time being.

Elsewhere, the GUI system I've planned on using has been throwing up dodgy frame rates on the Mac as well, the bottleneck being reading from the keyboard. While I can get by fine knowing that my editor will only work on Windows, the game must run as smoothly as possible on every platform.

I got a Mac because if I can release games for both platforms, I'll theoretically improve sales. I'd only need to sell 80 or so Mac copies to have it pay for itself. So it's very important that I get everything running smoothly.

Thankfully, it's entirely possible to code without having to test every 5 minutes. The Mac's in the spare room, a quiet haven where I can work without being distracted. As a result I can still churn out code and then give it a few tests on the PC just to make it perfect.

Also, seeing as I need to learn more about Macs and all that, I'm going to have to write a little something extra, specially for OS X. I'll worry about a PC version when its finished.

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