Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Invitaton for abuse

Ooh, look at that. No, not Celtic's bizarre lead over everyone else in the Scottish Premier League. Look closer.

It's a screenshot.

It's a screenshot of what the GUI engine is capable of. It's green, which is always nice and relaxing, and it's got some football related info on it, organised in a nice way that people can instantly recognise, and that's not just because the top two are the Old Firm.

That league table is a custom gadget in the GUI. The release on Sunday night went fairly well as module releases to a programming language community go, and so on Monday I went to work on more gadgets that I needed. The first was a simple generic table which could take any number of columns and produce output not dissimilar to that screen there. It's a rather good gadget for working with lists of things, but for a league table I needed something more specific, and more powerful.

Hence the customisation. At the minute, it's largely the same except the column headers are predefined, and it's a lot easier to add the data because of it. Underneath the hood, as I might say if I was American and cared about cars, each team has a name, a position in the league, a home record, and an away record. Those last two get combined to show you what's shown here, while the league position is used in case you throw things out by sorting it.

Which you can't do yet because I haven't coded in the column sorting. Or the viewing of home/away records. In good time, I'm sure.

So, work is going quite well at the moment. From now on I'm going to resolve to post a screenshot with every blog post, so if I forget one, use the comments feature to send me abuse. I crave it.


Anonymous said...


I have been an avid reader of friedchips for some time now. Your unique blend of humour and tech knowledge has been hugely influential.

As a result of being inspired by your documenting the creation of the ultimate soccer game, i have decided to create my own blog about my attempt to create a software version of the sea.

I have a 24 terrabyte chimney stack which I hope can be flushed out with salt pixels to create a realistic sea water effect.

Once I have created the software poeple will be able to take virtual sea cruises or even have a giant squid knock at the front door. Also a software version of the sea would be a great way to preserve the wonders of the underwater world for future generations.

I'll drop you a URL soon so you can see the progress.

Keep up the good work.

catdead...details later

Liam said...

Don't expect it to tango. It has a broken back.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy dead ?

Is the game finished ?

Where has the intelligent, witty technologically advanced purveyor of delightful prose gone ?

Liam said...

I fell asleep for fourteen weeks, until somebody attacked me with a vole for trying to sleeptheive their pets.

Stuff was done and I'll probably post again at the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great, I for one cannot wait, I am going to reccomend that that you be awarded the order of the british empire.

I realise Gerry won't like that, but the binary language is universal right.

It's people like you staying in their rooms with cold cans of baked beans and a pile of old tabloid newspapers left open on the league stats pages that are doing more to promote world peace than any of these so called peace campaigners.

Incidentally, upon checking for the word sleeptheive, i was informed "No results found for sleeptheive".

Is this a tech term ?