Sunday, November 19, 2006

My First Release

The GUI is finished.

Well, that's not strictly true. It exists, it works, and it has all the basic features I need but basic isn't good enough for the game. Nonetheless, I'll be releasing it tomorrow if I can get off my arse and write some example code, build a few executables and find somewhere decent to host it. None of that should be a problem but I'd like to find a web host now and migrate this blog over, rather than rely on a third party host.

It'll feel great to finally have something out there, even if it isn't a game, is entirely free, and won't keep me in Yazoo. It'll just be nice to have something to offer, get some feedback and hopefully see people using it and liking it.

Following the release, I'll be implementing some things that are specific to my own game. Which is always a lot more fun. It brings me closer to finishing (although "close" really isn't a great adjective to be using at this point) and I get to try things out. First up, a standard list - we all need those and that'll get slapped into the release version of the interface. Then a league table gadget, which I guess people don't need much, and some fixture lists.

Essentially, everything you see on the screen is a gadget. As it should be.

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