Sunday, August 02, 2009

Playing in a box

Well, two weeks later and that's what I've got. 22 poorly drawn and animated men running around playing something approaching football in a big enclosed space. There are no set pieces (not even kick off), the defenders don't do anything and every player is exceedingly single minded when he finally gets on the ball, but at least it's all a start.

There's no kick off - the ball just floats in from the sideline and all 22 men start right on the centre spot, inhabiting each others bodies in ways that I didn't intend. There are no goals to be scored, not just because there are no goalposts but because there's an invisible forcefield surrounding the entire pitch that's deflecting the ball should it dare venture in that direction. Even if there were goals, there's no ref to allow them.

So there's still a lot to be done on this basic version before I can start building upon things. I'd have liked at this point to say "well, I've got a start, let's go tackle the GUI" but that's the sort of lazy thinking that got me here in the first place - several years on without a football match.

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