Thursday, February 25, 2010

Year 2010 of development

Oh, how I do love my big long gaps between posts.

Picking up where I left off, I expanded the match engine to include some rudimentary set pieces, then trotted off to work on FryGUI2 for some time, even though I said I wouldn't. Eventually though I was lured back to the match engine.

My next task was to inject a bit of physical presence. Players were ghosts at this point, freely floating through one another in their pursuit of the ball. Of course, some existing games work like that, even the mighty Sensi, but there's a lack of satisfaction when you can't use your ample frame to block an opponent's attempts to dispossess you, and the likes of NSS3 show it can even be done in the classic top-down viewpoint.

Added to that, I wanted some momentum. I had players reaching top speed instantly, and equally quickly they'd grind to a halt when the stick was released - good enough to get things moving, but again it just wasn't satisfying. Players need to feel weighty.

After some experimentation, I quickly decided in that familar way of mine to start writing another engine, this time featuring the basic physics and collision detection along with the graphics display. Using the old graphics engine as a base, I added some bounding volumes for collision detection, got immensely frustrated a number of times that possibly entered three figures, got drunk a lot, and eventually landed with a working system. Again, it was one of those things that was quite pleasing to finally have working, and again it was one of those things that didn't really bring me any closer to having an actual game.

No matter! Back to the match engine, rebuilt now using the newly named FryWorld, back to largely working order but with the added bonus of collision detection. It only took about six months. I'm so proud.

In the coming weeks I'll be building up the move set and expanding on the basic AI, hopefully getting myself a playable match for the first time ever.

Then, I think, I might just get drunk.

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Matt said...

Still reading. Still anticipating.

Just to let you know someone is paying attention.

Wishing you continuing good luck and progression,

An old forum friend.