Sunday, July 16, 2006


I sat down yesterday to start creating the database structure (a delightfully easy task now). I perched my laptop on my lap, which no doubt made the guy who invented it let out a sigh of satisfaction at another accomplishment, and got to work. A few tables later, black.

The screen went black. The laptop had shut off. It had overheated.

No worries, I thought. This has been known to happen - the fan's a bit clogged with dirt and dust and so if the laptop isn't on a cool surface, it'll overheat. I sat the machine on the little table in front of me and got back to work. A while later, black.

In fury, I leapt up and unleashed a stream of urine towards the toilet. I must point out that I actually went into the bathroom first, as I'm not blessed with such fantastic aim. I let my anger subside, picked up my small plastic guitar and thrashed out a few Guitar Hero tracks, failing miserably at No One Knows and Crossroads yet again. I had decided to let the laptop cool and also let any capacitors (which there probably is inside these things) discharge properly.

Then I would open it up, clean the fan, and everything would be good. Alas, I couldn't open the fucker. Every screw known to man was removed but the thing wouldn't open. Instead, I fixed a room fan and set it beside the machine. Success! The fan's cold air kept the laptop cool, and I worked away. As the day turned into night and other cliches, I turned the fan down a little to keep myself from freezing, and continued working.


Oh for fuck sake. Four times in one day is not fucking good. I unleashed my fury upon Crossroads but once again failed miserably at Queens of the Stone Age's efforts.

If this laptop's buggered I'll be most upset.


Anonymous said...

"In my last post, I mentioned the links system and how it would swiftly clean things up to avoid horrible crashes."

Looks like your comp had other ideas.


Liam said...

Indeed it did. Bloody thing.

Thankfully, I have two.

Anonymous said...

My laptop crashed. I just got it fixed and I feel you pain :(