Monday, July 31, 2006

Morose what now?

Ok. Been a bit long. I blame.... cabbage.

I've been doing plenty of work on the data editor, and now it's almost refurbished. Well, it looks identical to the old one but uses the new database code, and as such it's infinitely better and using it is like breathing a whole new type of air, with 55% less fart.

I've also fixed a fairly major bug in the database code, so that's equally excellent.

But apart from that lot, I'm getting a bit annoyed that I'm retreading old ground. I expected this to happen, of course, and I'm still not doing too badly with regards to my targets. However, it does sap the energy to spend each night in front of the computer doing repetitive tasks.

So in addition, I'll also fiddle about a bit with random graphical jiggery-pokery (the best kind of pokery) to keep that little spark alive that says "have a bit of fun, you morose fuck!"

Although if it's going to be rude...

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