Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Insight into My World

I can use the database code to solve a problem with the database code. Now that's just genius on a par with folk like the guy who invented marmalade, and stuff.

Actually, I hate marmalade. Tangy bunch of crap.

See, my problem is that I'm often forced into using too much memory to store small numbers. I wrote the database code as a means of allowing me to store small numbers in just the right amount of memory. So what I've decided to do is have the system automatically create fields for every "group" in a table, telling you how many entries are in that group.

I had held off this idea in the past because I thought it would be too slow. That's a load of poo, it's perfect. The player table alone shaves nearly 10MB from the file size. Ten arse megabytes that weren't being used at all.

In other news, I purchased a copy of Kudos, obviously on the basis that my own life's down the pan so I may as well lead an alternate one. That went well. Within a year I had lost all my friends, been robbed three times and learned the ancient art of Kung Fu in retaliation. One of the chaps that burgled my home decided that instead of taking the cable telly, he'd swipe my self help book. Such a blow to my confidence, but at least I could still watch the Comedy Channel. Alone.

Hey, it beats staring at the walls with the lights off.

That's an option in the game, by the way. Where I live, I have no walls.

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