Monday, January 09, 2006

The Debate Rages On

I'm in need of a new computer. Not that there's much wrong with my laptop - it does a good job for what I want it to do. Nope, I need a new computer because two people clamouring for one net access point just isn't going to work.

The question is, Mac or PC? I'm ignoring all the bump regarding tech specs and crashes and usability that usually defines such a question. This one comes down to simpler, purer aspects. Which is more useful?

A PC is good because there are far more games available. My girlfriend, claimer of computer usage rights, likes to play a fair few strategy and simulation titles. She has a fairly sizable PC collection. I like to work in a room alone, that way I can do a delicious pacing thing, so I'm going to want to use the laptop (with the desktop always remaining in the living room) off to the spare, soon to be games room. So a PC makes a lot of sense - she can play games or surf the net and watch TV, and I can work in peace and jig. Gotta love the jigging.

But the Mac... the Mac opens up possibilities. I can port TCFG to the Mac with relative ease thanks to the cross compatibility of BlitzMax, so I'm going to want to actually own one and open up that possibility. There's no sense in releasing a game for a platform without being able to support it technically neither, so I'll need a fair few months of Mac usage behind me. Finally, a Mac essentially pays for itself - if the game does well then Mac sales pay for the machine. The downside is that if she wants to play her games, I'm stuck in the living room to work. And on top of that, there's a few games on the horizon which the laptop doesn't quite have the spec to run.

Bloody decisions. I know which one I want the most but I do need to work alone, and getting an iBook doesn't fully solve the issue.


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