Saturday, January 07, 2006

Half Time

Saturdays are pretty great. Not only do I get a potential full day to get plenty of work done, but there's also football on. Although that football can sometimes be distracting.

Work-wise, I've been fiddling a lot with the game's Data Editor. It now successfully carries out searches for items in the database, which is pretty much invaluable. Then I just squashed a few bugs which weren't exactly easy to find. They weren't even particularly bad bugs, but best not to leave them. By the end of the weekend I need to have a lot of editing functions done, so things are pretty much on course.

Football wise, things are mixed. It's FA Cup weekend, so I placed a few bets. At half time, eight of the 13 teams I need to win are doing as such (or in Arsenal's case, have done), four are drawing and silly Man City are getting beat. Still time, though. Personally, I support my home club Newry City (who are at 0-0) and AFC Telford United (who are getting beat 1-0). Oh well.

And Robbie Fowler's just scored for Manchester City, so that's nice.

Back to work, I guess. I don't always get the luxury of a full day's work, so best to get some done.

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