Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is very good indeed. A shame it doesn't quite match up to the brilliant Sands of Time, but it's a fine game in its own right.

Back to TCFG though. I managed to do a bit of wrangling in work to get some hours changed, allowing me to get home earlier in the day, two days a week. That'll prove useful... in theory. I've got to sort out something with all these distractions - internet, football on telly...

I guess that's a product of boredom, essentially. I can't progress with the game proper until the database system is finalised, and the data editor completed. Most of the work is done (competitions are the only outstanding item) but I've to tidy up the editor sufficiently or it all falls apart. There's very little satisfaction here, but I guess it's a gradual progress.

Earlier today I sorted out a few plans. I do have a preliminary target date for my first milestone, which is to have a playable but pretty featureless game running. That means that the game will happily run along as it should, fixtures will be created and played out, and I'll be able to actually partake in a little football myself, but without transfers, contracts, scouting, media, training or pretty much any of the stuff that's desirable for a good game.

The point? It'll be the first instance of the game actually being playable. Actually being a game, rather than a collection of seemingly unrelated code and data. Football being played. I'll be ensuring the code thinks all the important stuff is there, so adding it later won't be a hassle. After the editor is finished, a lot of the code for this target has been done, so it's a new GUI (rather than a standard Windows one) and clean code that's the order of the day. Oh, and the small matter of some football.

The date? April 30th. That's for me, not you. If I make it, all the better. But for now, the boring editor stuff remains.

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