Friday, January 06, 2006

So anyway... no jam.

Fried Chips. Yes. No. I don't know. Every company needs a name but that doesn't mean it has to be shit. "Fried Chips" is... cheesy. But I like chips. Cheesy chips, in fact. Coated wiith curry sauce. . Curry Coated Cheesy Chips. C4? No... that's plastic explosive. Bad image.

Well, I'll get there eventually.

This blog forms part of a New Years kick in the ear. I've been dilly dallying with things for years now, never really making enough progress on what I'm supposed to be doing. But with a blog - with real, actual, living and breathing and generally abusive people knowing exactly what I had done yesterday, and knowing that my lazy arse has revealed nothing today - that's just the scary incentive I need.

My name's Liam McGuigan, and for quite some time I've been working on The Complete Football Game, proving it's not only my company that has a working title. It's a football game that will eventually encompass the entire footballing world. Which is bloody huge, so I hope you understand if I end up live on Animal Hospital holding a rodent hostage in a fit of despair. This blog will be a record of my achievements, hiccups and general laziness, interspersed with randomness (which you just can't get enough of) and whatnot.

So... er, hello!

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