Friday, January 13, 2006

A fair amount of work done last night, creating the necessary tables in the database to fill out game details and defunct stuff.

The main game details stored in the database include the currencies used in the game. I plan to initially feature the most useful (so, British Pounds, Euros and US Dollars) but it's easily expandable to cover the entire world. Although if anyone knows of a currency more worthless (compared to the Pound) than Indonesian Rupiahs I'll be happy to hear it.

The other details I catered for last night are the spoken languages that are applied to each nationality, and the injuries that players can sustain. Nothing too complex.

The Defunct details allow for things like old nations that no longer exist - The USSR won a European Championship and so will need mentioning in that competition's history, but the nation doesn't exist today. Similarly, I have a table for Defunct Clubs, and Defunct Players (which is a nice name for them) who may have won an award at some point in their life. Finally there are Defunct Competitions which allow for old comps like the Cup Winners Cup.

None of this has any data yet, but the editor is almost finished. Next week I'll be looking at the competition modelling, which is mostly done but completely untested. And then work can begin on throwing together a proper game! Yay!

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